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Below are links to 3 documents, all of which you will need if you are going to successfully write up and submit a description for inclusion on this site.

The Instructions for completing walk description document tells you what is required in each field of the walk description.
Example route – Font del Paradis – shows you a route that has already been written up so that you can get some idea of the level of detail that would help other walkers.
Finally there is the form to be completed itself – Format for walks descriptions – and when finished you should send this along with any attachments (photos, gps file, any links to on-line data and so on) to

Photos will need to be 300px wide by 225px high and with a file size of not more than 100kb. If you have a Windows PC then you can easily decrease the size of photos using the Resize feature in Paint. Remember that the best photos will show some aspect of the walk – an important junction, the kind of scenery that you will see, special features etc. and not a group of walkers on the top of a hill! GPS files should be .gpx file format and if you plan to include a map you must ensure that there are no copyright issues (Spanish OS maps are free of copyright for non-commercial use) and these should preferably show the route as an overlay on the map. Added notes about features are helpful, but not essential.

Where there are any doubts about the source of materials or the legality of their use we reserve the right to omit them from this site.

Finally here are the links:-