The Sierra Espuña is an area of high ground lying approximately 30km to the south west of Murcia which lies on the south eastern corner of the Iberian peninsula.
Murcia itself is an attractive city with much to explore and the Sierra Espuña is a largely forested area with tops reaching out of the trees and extending to over 1500m in height. In the past it has been cleared and now re-forested it is being actively managed and the forest floor kept clear in many areas.
It has an interesting history and is littered with buildings including one or two bar/restaurants, a visitor centre and several rudimentary camp grounds and barbecue areas. Wild camping is not permitted.
The town of El Berro is on the eastern fringe of the main walking area and has a good camp ground with services, pitches for caravans and motor homes and pine cabins for rent. It has its own bar.
The walking varies from forest track to open ridge and includes several engineered paths which are fascinating. There is challenging climbing in the area and 2 primary groups of neveras (ice houses) which – pre-refrigeration – served the needs of both Murcia and Cartegena for ice. With our changing climate it would not be possible today.