Ibiza as one of the Balearic Islands is probably best known for its clubbing and discoteque scene, but it also offers a rugged coastal beauty and some fascinating hills and scenery.  It is easy to get to although taking the ferry from the Spanish mainland is probably the most expensive option.  Cheap flights abound from all over Europe and out of season they are very cheap as are hire cars.  In any event buses on the island are very effective.

The highest hill stretches to 487m with views to many parts of the island and the rugged small island of Es Vedra when viewed from its nearby mainland hill is staggeringly impressive.

Accommodation is always available and out of season can be cheap and easy to find.  There are many self-catering options. Take care though as many small supermarkets and restaurants close once their main season has finished and open again only for the start of night life in mid May.  Generally they close up again in October.

It would be a struggle to find a real leg-stretcher here but for moderately strenuous walking and follow up sessions on the beach it is a great place to be.  Temperatures are generally benevolent although along with other Mediterranean islands there can be a stiff breeze.

The capital – Ibiza town – is a delight and well worth exploring although it probably merits only a day.  The 4th largest island of Formentera can be reached by many boats from Ibiza town at moderate cost, but beware that transport there is limited and hire cars correspondingly expensive.